If you love matcha and desserts as much as I do, you have to visit Tsujiri at its first North American location!

This Japanese chain specializes in desserts and drinks with this finely grounded green tea powder, known as matcha. I first stumbled upon Tsujiri this past summer during my trip to Japan when I was in the city of Kyoto. All the green tea dessert display models looked so appetizing as I peeked through the window. I had to stop by. DSC04881_blog.jpg
Pictured is a display model of the Tsujiri Sundae (#36 on the menu, $7.50).DSC04789_blog.jpg
They really take their time and a lot of care in each order to ensure consistency and quality. Because of this, there is a longer wait time.

What’s on their menu? Blended ice drinks, lattes, shaved ice, ice cream floats, sundaes, cakes, macarons, cream puffs, and more. So much sugary goodness! Although the desserts we ordered was with matcha soft serve ice cream, there is a cheaper vanilla option as well.image
This is the O-Matcha Parfait (#47 on the menu, $4.75) with layers of chocolate cake and matcha butter cream.
ice creamm.jpgThis is the Tsujiri Shaved Ice (#40 on the menu, $8) with layers of matcha soft serve, topped with mochi and red bean. It was sooo good, and the ice cream was very flavourful. I loved it and thought it was worth the wait! 3 ice cream.jpgMy friend C ordered the matcha Tsujiri Soft Cream (#39 on the menu, $5.75) which is soft serve ice cream. We were a little diappointed with the portion considering the price. For a bit more, you will be better off ordering one of their Sundaes which comes with toppings

I couldn’t get enough green tea so I went again in the evening! This time, there was a much longer line.DSC04836_blog2.jpgAfter telling J how much I enjoyed the Tsujiri Shaved Ice, he was convinced and ordered it, while I had the matcha Chiffon Cake Sundae (#38 on the menu, $7.50) pictured to the right. The Chiffon Cake Sundae has layers of matcha soft serve, corn flakes, a scoop of red bean served with a slice of spongey matcha chiffon cake.DSC04867_blog.jpgWe also ordered the O-Matcha Cream Puff (#46 on the menu, $2.75) which is filled with light fluffy cream and matcha. It was soft and yummy, despite it doesn’t look like the picture on the menu.all three.jpgThere are a few booths along the wall, each can seat two people. At the back of the shop, is a larger Japanese style seating area that can accommodate about six people. Be sure to remove your shoes before sitting in this area!DSC04786_blog.jpgI can’t wait to visit again and try their drinks and the Opera cake! Overall, I really enjoyed the desserts here. The locations in Japan have other items on the menu such as green tea noodles, hopefully they will eventually expand their menu here to include that. Be prepared as the line could get long as this place becomes more popular.

147 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M5B 1E4


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