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Have you ever thought about having a private chef and sommelier service at your next hosted event? Chef & Somm creates unique bespoke wine and food experiences for you and your guests. The duo, Chef Eyal Liebman and Sommelière Rebecca Meïr-Liebman provide professional and friendly service. I had the opportunity to enjoy this experience at the Beyond Taste event held at The Richmond. DSC06918_Fotor.jpgDSC06909_Fotor.jpgUpon arrival, we were given time to settle down and we were served four mysterious wine paired with hors d’oeuvres while free to walk around to enjoy the art work from local artists that were up for auction. Pictured below are just a couple of the hors d’oeuvres we were served. DSC06954_Fotor.jpg
Fingerling Potatoes Salmon Rillette and CaviarDSC06927_Fotor.jpgAsparagus Soup Sphere

We were encouraged to make use of the notebook and pencil provided to record our thoughts about the mysterious wine on its own and how the taste changes when paired with hors d’oeuvres.

After this, we all settled in our seats. Rebecca introduced and spoke about the mysterious wines and created an interactive evening, allowing guests to express their opinions. Throughout the evening, we were encouraged to explore all of our senses and Rebecca explained how our other senses such as smell, sight, sound, and touch, affects the taste of wine and food. Rebecca is very knowledgeable, and I learned a lot about the connection between wine and food throughout the 7-course dinner, each course with a wine pairing of its own. DSC06973_Fotor.jpgAppetizer: Caprese, presented as a cheese cake.
Wines with this dish: Pinot Gris Karlo Estates, Rose DaydreamersDSC06984_Fotor.jpgDSC06986_Fotor.jpgSecond: Salmon Poké with lavash
Wines with this dish: Vin Santo Santo Wines dessert wine , chardonnay back 10 Cellars.
This two part dish with raw salmon was very tasty!DSC06992_Fotor.jpgThird: Schnitzel, mashed potato, egg poached in it’s shell.
Wines with this dish: Santorini Assyertiko, Pinot Noir Back 10 Cellars.
The Schnitzel was another favourite dish!
Main: Cassoulet – Confit de Canard and Toulouse Sausage, served with white beans with diced tomato, rosemary, and duck gravy
Wines with this dish: Pinot Noir back 10 Cellars, Pappaionnou Nemea
I thought this dish was overly salty, it would be better with less salt.
Dessert: Ganache Montée two ways – whipped and not whipped on strawberry balsamic salad
Wine with this dish: Marynissen Cab Franc Icewine
Last but not least, dessert with ice wine. My favourite part of the evening and really delicious although it doesn’t look like much!DSC06997_Fotor.jpgChanging the lighting to challenge our senses.
Chef Eyal Liebman and Sommelière Rebecca Meïr-Liebman were able to provide an engaging experience! Each experience can be personalized to the needs of your event, for more information, visit their website (link below).

By the end of the night, I’ve had 11 different wines! Wine is a topic I haven’t explored until this dinner event. I won’t give too much away, but if you love wine, enjoying good food and wine, or interested in learning more about the connection of wine, food, and our senses, consider Chef & Somm at your next event!

*Disclosure:  Although this was a complimentary meal, please note that all opinions expressed are my own and not those of the company.

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