NextDoor Restaurant

NextDoor Restaurant opened their doors earlier this year on Main Street Unionville. They are a Canadian rustic restaurant with fusion flares. If you’ve heard of Smash Kitchen, they are the sister restaurant.

I’ve tried a variety of their unique fusion dishes, and I feel the chefs have put a lot of thought on creating each dish because they were all very tasty and flavourful! Their menu change regularly while keeping some as staples on the menu. I had the opportunity to taste the dinner menu a few months back which I have covered below.

DSC05961_FotorPickled Vegetable | Fresh herbs

DSC05980_FotorBBQ Ox Tongue | Shaved brussel sprout salad green onion, cashew crumble, red chili, frissee, dried cranberry, nam jim dressing, parsnip puree, taro chips, chili oil

DSC05989_FotorGrilled Octopus | Nduja, watercress, salad, pomme puree, chilis, crushed cashews

DSC06011_FotorRoasted Bone Marrow | Vietnamese beef tartare, cashew crumble, fried shallots, coriander, sourdough

Mushroom Gyoza | Edamame, red cabbage, roasted oyster mushrooms, truffle soy

Lamb Sirloin | Fried basil, Moroccan rub, whipped hummus, cilantro pistou, pomegranate gastrique, sundried tomato, arugula, roasted cauliflower

DSC06075_FotorSingaporean Chili Crab | Snow crab, chili sauce, cashews

DSC06087_FotorPork + Pancakes | Char siu glaze, ginger scallion sauce, green onion pancake, kewpie mayo

DSC06091_FotorDuck Liver Pate | Maple bourbon syrup, pickled cantaloupe, sour dough

Fried Brussel Sprout
| Maple balsamic, double smoke bacon, parmesan aioli

DSC06093_FotorRice Cake | Chorizo ragout, scallions, cashews, soft tofu, cream

DSC06109_FotorTorched Sashimi Salmon | Maple soy, puffed wild rice, pickled cucumbers, togarashi aioli

DSC06020_FotorNextDoor Caesar | Vodka, clamato juice, worcestershire, tabasco, perpperoncici, charcuterie

Overall, I would highly recommend NextDoor Restaurant. The food is solid and I enjoyed the casual dining atmosphere and friendly service at NextDoor restaurant. They also welcome and respond to customer feedback to further improve the dining experience.

It is rare for me to say this but it is very hard to pick a favourite dish because they’re all my favourites! But if it comes down to choosing one, I would say the Singaporean Chili Crab because of its smokey flavour and sauciness. I could not resist ordering a second round. I definitely do want to make some time to visit NextDoor Restaurant again for their weekend brunch menu after hearing great things about it!

*Disclosure:  Although this was a complimentary meal, please note that all opinions expressed are my own and not those of the company.

139 Main Street
Unionville, ON
L3R 2G6

Monday – Friday: 11:00am – 3:00pm; 3:00pm – 12:00am
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00am – 3:00pm; 3:00pm – 12:00am

(905) 604-6983